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The mission of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.'s National Educational Foundation is to support higher education achievement through scholarships and conduct community education programs and related research to improve individual and community living standards. The Foundation annually provides financial assistance to worthy students pursuing higher education both at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. 

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Want to apply for a scholarship offered by the Zeta National Educational Foundation? Every scholarship has requirements that applicants must meet. This site provides you with access to 15 scholarships that have a range of award values, including the $125,000 Founders' Centennial Scholarship! Take the eligibility quiz to be matched with scholarships.

Visit the Scholarship Programs page to learn more about each scholarship opportunity. 

Register for portal access, then take the Eligibility Quiz to be matched with scholarships. Upon completion of the Eligibility Quiz, if you qualify, you will receive a to select up to 3 of the 13 ZNEF Scholarships (not including ZOL or Life Members). Completing one ZNEF application will populate all three of your ZNEF scholarship information pages (There may be additional information needed for each, however). You may also qualify for additional scholarships from ZOL or Life Members, if eligibility criteria is met. 

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Scholarships available for 2023-24 submission:

General Scholarship Program

  • Founders' Centennial - Female HS Seniors ONLY
  • GEICO HBCU High School Changemaker Scholarship - Female HS Seniors ONLY
  • GEICO HBCU Undergraduate Changemaker Scholarships - Zetas ONLY

ZNEF Scholarship Program

  • Mildred Spicer West Scholarship – High Honors/Leadership -African-American HBCU female students only (currently closed)
  • Arizona Cleaver Stemons Scholarship-high school seniors only
  • General Undergraduate
  • General Graduate
  • HBCU Scholarship 
  • STEM Scholarship 
  • S. Evelyn Lewis Memorial Medical Health Science Scholarship
  • Isabel M. Herson ~Scholarship in Education
  • Deborah Partridge Wolfe ~ International Fellowship
  • The Zora Neale Hurston Scholarship 
  • Lullellia W. Harrison~ Counseling Scholarship 

ZNEF Scholarship Program - Zeta Only Scholarships

  • Nancy B. Woolridge McGee~ Graduate Fellowship
  • Mildred Cater Bradham~ Social Work Fellowship 
  • Life Members' Scholarship- Open to undergraduate Zetas 

Accessing the Triumphant Founder Fannie Pettie Watts Centennial Scholarship Application

Demonstrated financial need is one of the key applicant assessment areas for the Triumphant Founder Fannie Pettie Watts Centennial Scholarship. Female high school seniors can indicate financial need and be matched with the Founders’ Scholarship application by selecting “Yes” when asked “Do you qualify for Free or Reduced lunch based upon the U.S. Federal guidelines?” in the Eligibility Quiz.

Zeta National Educational Foundation, Incorporated understands that some schools do not participate in the Federal School Lunch program. The Eligibility Quiz scholarship matching question specifies “qualify” for that reason. Female high school seniors do not have to receive free or reduced fare lunch at the time of application, but they should meet or be within the guidelines to qualify for the program. If you are a female high school senior and can demonstrate financial need by providing specific information requested in the Founders’ Scholarship application (for example, your FAFSA Estimated Family Contribution), you are encouraged to indicate that you qualify for Free or Reduced fare lunch and complete the scholarship application.

Visit the Scholarship Programs page to learn more about the Triumphant Founder Fannie Pettie Watts Centennial Scholarship opportunity.

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